My Essential Coda Tips

April 16, 2012

When I first started dipping my fingers into the sea of web design, like most naive newbies, I had read and thought that Dreamweaver was the only option for developing sites. Although I don’t think Dreamweaver is awful, it was only after I got my iMac and started to get into the web design community more deeply by joining sites like Forrst that I realised there were alternatives! Thats when I found Panic’s Coda. I’m not going to go on about why I think its better than Dreamweaver or review it, because there are 100 other articles that have already done that. Instead I am going to share some of the Coda tips and tricks I have learnt while using the program.

ZIIIRO Gravity Watch Review

April 13, 2012

Ok so for my first proper post on here I have decided to review the ZIIIRO Gravity Ocean watch I have had for a few weeks now. No, its not specifically web design related, but this is probably the most uniquely designed watch I have ever seen. Read on to about the build of the watch and its practicalities when using it in everyday life.

New Blog Launch!

I have finally found the time to put together a new blog! There has been a big badge sitting on my portfolio linking here ever since I redesigned it months and months ago, but until now it only lead to an “Undergoing Updates” page. That page has been replaced with a shiny new blog that I plan to update on a fairly regular basis with interesting things I learn related to web design, and graphic design and general, as well as anything else that I believe to be worth writing about.

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