Dokku + Laravel on Digital Ocean

January 22, 2014

Up until recently I have been hosting all of my Laravel projects on Pagoda Box. In case you don’t know, Pagoda Box is a PaaS which makes deploying your php apps a breeze. Pagoda Box is seriously great, and has served me well up until now, but for a number of reasons which I will […]

Slicing PSD Designs With Slicy

May 26, 2012

While on the whole I find designing and developing websites extremely enjoyable, there will always be some aspects that are tedious and time consuming. For me slicing a design in photoshop is probably the worst. Its the annoying middle ground between having an excellent Photoshop mockup and finished functional site, where you have to painstakingly name and organise hundreds of images. With all this taken into account, you can imagine why I was pretty excited when I stumbled across a little App called Layer Cake that supposedly automates a lot of this process! “Too good to be true!” I hear you say. Well that’s what I thought as well, but read on to find out.

My Essential Coda Tips

April 16, 2012

When I first started dipping my fingers into the sea of web design, like most naive newbies, I had read and thought that Dreamweaver was the only option for developing sites. Although I don’t think Dreamweaver is awful, it was only after I got my iMac and started to get into the web design community more deeply by joining sites like Forrst that I realised there were alternatives! Thats when I found Panic’s Coda. I’m not going to go on about why I think its better than Dreamweaver or review it, because there are 100 other articles that have already done that. Instead I am going to share some of the Coda tips and tricks I have learnt while using the program.