Roost Project

December 9, 2013

Ok, so yet again I admit that I haven’t been using this blog like I should! Ah well I’m busy and its hard! But now I think I have finally found some motivation to make better use of it.

I am currently in my final year at the University of Sussex, and for my final year project/ dissertation I am building a web app called Roost that is going to help students manage living in shared accommodation. It will take care of splitting bills, dishing out chores and coordinating the everyday lives of housemates, all that sort of thing.

The initial logo ideas

So anyway, that is what I am working on at the moment and I think it will be a great idea to document the process of building the app on here. That means that I intend to post a couple of posts weekly, or almost definitely once a week, with small progress updates about the state of development, new features and the like.

A bit of background

I have actually been working on this project for a while now, so have already made a decent amount of progress so here is a few quick points about the current state of play:

  • The design phase is pretty much finished. I have a super large collection of wireframes, mockups, and UML diagrams all over the place.
  • Development has started but is still in an early stage. I won’t talk about this much now as it deserves a post of its own.
  • The app is being built using the wonderful PHP framework Laravel. Seriously I have fallen in love with this thing and its frickin great!
  • Going to be using Test Driven Development the entire way. This should force me to think carefully about how the core components of my app will work together, and produce a better final product overall.
  • I’ll be using Bootstrap 3 to provide responsive goodness out of the box.

Thats about it for the moment. I will write another post in the next few days highlighting where I am currently in development. Stay tuned!

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